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"Multiply Your Profits In 57 Minutes By Answering 5 Questions Proven to Boost Conversion on Websites, in Emails, and Videos"

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs from Multiple Industries Have Successfully Used These Keys to Increase Their Impact and Income Without Compromising Their Values


Inside, you'll get 5 questions to immediately gain an advantage in your lead generation and sales campaigns. This video training and action guide... I'm handing you a "recipe" of 5 proven strategies that all work individually to boost website conversion rates for coaching professionals,  course creators, and service providers. These strategies work for both lead generation and sales campaigns.

Millions have been made from the strategies in this powerful training. At the end of the action guide, I reveal three pieces of software that make it easier to begin using these strategies this week so you can immediately begin generating more leads and sales in your current sales process.  

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See What Our Clients Have to Say:

Carl Kenerly

Carl Kenerly

"I highly recommend Mr. Dees "USP" concept. I used this approach to rethink my radio commercials for my piano instruction school. "How do I make myself stand out", I thought. "What can I do to make me unique?" I finally decided on the idea of giving away some free lessons if a certain goal is not reached within a certain time. This eases the risk of wasted money (a major pain point). I explained the terms, them summed it up with "If you don't play, you don't pay! Did your last teacher give you a guarantee?". My phone exploded. I have people driving from as far as Dallas to my school in Fort Worth (over an hour through brutal traffic) and paying whatever I ask without blinking. They drive past a ton of teachers to get to me. My value in their eyes has increased simply by the way I presented myself. Unbelievable!"

Thea Dennard

Team 3 After School Program

"Ramon Dees has been a huge blessing to us and an integral part in the growth of our old business (the gym) and the birth and successful opening of our new business (an after school program and summer camp). From day one I was impressed with his desire to truly earn our business because he believed in his service/product and knew that it would help us grow. He was very professional, presenting us with a timeline for the marketing campaign and he delivered what he’d promised. He went over and beyond because his greatest goal was to see us succeed and reaching our goals of bringing more clients in the door. At the time when we started working with Ramon, we had only 6 students registered for our summer camp program. At the end of week 1 after the successful marketing campaign, we had a total of 71 students for our summer camp program… its first year!"

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