Digital coupons provide a safe way for new customers to get acquainted with your brand.

Did you know the value of digital coupons are projected to reach $91 billion in 2022? Why? Because coupons motivate people to take action!

If you think that’s only for consumer goods bought in grocery stores, or for ecommerce stores like Shopify, you’re mistaken.

I personally have invested thousands of dollars with a business coach who runs an 8-figure business, and generates a large portion of his sales using coupon codes to reward returning customers.

If you haven’t considered using digital coupons to attract new customers and reward returning customers, you’ve been missing out on some low hanging fruit. Today, I’m going to share two things with you:

  • a few statistics regarding digital coupons; and,

  • some of the content from a new course on digital coupons I’ve just released

  • a coupon code that will allow 1500 fast action-takers to get the course for free

2022 Digital Coupon Statistics to Note

  • 68% of consumers believe that coupons build brand awareness
  • 68% also state that coupons generate loyalty
  • 60% of consumers love to receive coupons
  • 50% are more likely to visit a store if they received a coupon

Source: Coupon Statistics 2022: Here’s What the Numbers Say

Digital Coupons That Convert: Table of Contents

Six Steps To C.O.U.P.O.N. Success                                                                          4

5 Proven Ways To “Help, Not Hurt” Your Business With Coupon Codes                      11

10 Types Of Coupon Codes That People Love To Redeem (+ When To Use Them)     16

5 Parts Of A Profitable Coupon Code Campaign (With Examples)                              22

Where To Place Coupon Codes For Maximum Clicks                                                27

How To Get Others To Promote Your Coupon Codes For You                                   32

The #1 Ways To Skyrocket Your Profit With Coupon Codes                                     37

5 Reasons Why People Won’t Use Your Coupon Code (And How To Get It Right)       43

How To Use Coupon Codes Without Hurting Your Brand                                          47

Five Advanced Hacks For Making The Most Of Your Coupon Code Strategy                53


Lesson 1: Six Steps to Coupon Success

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear “coupon” or “coupon code”?

Maybe it’s something like, “I can save 25% off my next purchase at my favorite department store.”  Perhaps it’s, “I get a free appetizer with the purchase of any entree.”  Or it could be, “If I buy a ticket to this event, I can get a free ticket for my friend.”

At any rate, what you likely thought is this: I can GET a deal by using coupons.

I want to change that default way of thinking right here, right now.  I want the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of coupon codes to be this…

I can GIVE a deal by using coupons!

Instead of getting a deal for yourself, start giving deals to your customers.  Coupon code campaigns should be a standard part of your overall marketing strategy. They are great for generating traffic, building lists, and getting orders.

We all love getting a good deal.  You do.  I do.  Your customers (new and existing) do.  We make buying choices all the time based on how we measure the depth and value of a deal.

When used rightly, everybody wins.  In fact, that’s how defines a DEAL: “An arrangement for mutual advantage.”  The advantage to your customer is SAVINGS.  The advantage to you is REVENUE.

Using coupon codes is a smart, simple way to grow your business. People love coupons.  That’s why you are going to love using them to increase your business revenue.

But there’s a right way to use coupon codes (that helps your business)
and a wrong way to use them (that hurts your business).  

And that’s why you’re going to want to read every word of these lessons, because inside these pages you’re going to discover the secrets for creating coupon-code campaigns that really work for you instead of against you.

Now before we jump in, let me be clear about something here…

What we’re referring to in this course are
digital coupon codes to create sales.

We’re not talking about printable coupons or anything like that. These are coupon codes that you set up in your order processing / shopping cart system, distribute the codes and then watch your sales roll in.

Sidebar: Before we launch into the six-step process of coupon code marketing success, let me briefly say something about the “technical” side of setting up coupon codes.  You will need to refer to instructions provided by your specific order processing platform in order to offer coupon codes.  It is usually a very quick and simple process (literally just entering some details and clicking a button) that takes place within your control panel that involves setting your parameters (product, offer, limits, etc.) which we will explore throughout this course.  When it is time for you to actually “setup” the coupon code, check the user manual, knowledge base, or other resource that is related to using your checkout / order form. (IE Amember, Woocommerce, Udemy, etc.) Or, you can contact the help desk for whoever provides this service to you. 

In this first lesson, which will serve as a great checklist for you to print and work through, we’ll walk through an overview of the C.O.U.P.O.N. code marketing system.  We’ll unpack these six steps in greater detail in the lessons that follow, as well as equip you with additional insights and tactics to help you nail down every essential piece.

Here are the six steps of this system:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Goal
  • Step 2: Offer Something Appealing
  • Step 3: Understand the Parts of a Successful Coupon
  • Step 4: Post Your Coupon
  • Step 5: Obtain Marketing Partners
  • Step 6: Notify Customers

Let’s take a closer look at each step of the C.O.U.P.O.N. code system…

Step 1: Choose Your Goal

The first thing you need to do is choose ONE primary goal.

Not two goals. Not three goals. Not more.

Just ONE goal.

Yes, your coupon code campaign is likely to help you achieve more than one goal. But you don’t want to set out trying to achieve multiple goals, otherwise you’ll end up with a weakened, watered-down campaign that doesn’t really work. But if you choose just one goal and design your campaign around that singular goal, then you’ll get much better results.

Here are the main G.O.A.L.S. from which you can choose:

  • Grow Your Mailing List
  • Overcome Slow Periods
  • Attract new customers
  • Lift Backend Sales
  • Salvage a Sale

In order to determine which goal to choose, take a look at two things:

  1. Your overall business goals. Where are you going and what do you need now in order to take the next step in the right direction?
  2. The weakest points of your business. Every business has them and coupon codes are a great way to improve in those areas where you are struggling or where your metrics are not as strong as you’d like them to be.

Examine those two items in detail, and it will become clear which goal to focus on.  Again, we’ll work through this at length later in this course.

Step 2: Offer Something Appealing

Once you’ve selected your goal, then you need to work on creating an appealing offer. This means not only selecting the right type of coupon code from among the 10 that you’ll learn about later on in this course, but also deciding the specifics of what to offer.

For example, let’s suppose you’re offering a “percent off” coupon. Question is, what percent off will you offer? And how many days will you run this sale? Etc.

To help you determine the answer, you can take a closer look at what others are doing in your market / niche. That is, run a search for coupon codes or special offers / deals in your niche to find out what others are offering. Pay particular attention to those offers that seem popular (as evidenced by social media shares and similar metrics). Then seek to meet or beat those offers.

No one else is using coupon codes or special promotions in your market? (IE No one else is as smart as you!) No problem.  That gives you an even greater advantage. J

Step 3: Understand the Parts of a Successful Coupon Code Campaign

Once you know what you’re selling and what sort of coupon you’ll offer, then your next step is to create your coupon. As you’ll discover in a future lesson, your coupon code campaign should possess these five characteristics and features:

  • Capture Attention (so that people will read about your coupon).
  • Compelling Offer.
  • Call to Action.

NOTE:  Be very specific with your call to action. This is where you tell people what to do and why they should take action now.

E.G., “Click here to save $50 now – and do it now, because this offer ends tonight at midnight!”

You’ll learn more about those characteristics in an upcoming lesson, so just keep this in the back of your mind for now.


Step 4: Post Your Coupon Code

Your next step is to post your coupon code in as many suitable places as possible. (Check Lesson #5 for details.) Be sure that you are posting your coupon in front of a targeted audience only.

 TIP: Some people search for coupon codes. That’s why you’ll want to make sure your coupon turns up if someone Googles it. To that end, post your coupon on your blog, and optimize it for the search engines.

 For example, you might optimize for these types of keywords: [Product name] coupon; [product name] discount; 50% off [product name].

 This can be useful even if your coupon code is for a limited time only as it can still generate interest in click-throughs even after the promotion has ended.


Step 5: Obtain Marketing Partners

Next, you’ll want to tell your marketing partners about your coupon code (and recruit new partners as time permits).

Here’s a sample email you can send to your affiliates to let them know about your coupon…

Subject: Generate big sales using this coupon code…

 Hi [Affiliate’s Name],

 Do you want to generate a lot of [Product Name] sales fast?  That’s a rhetorical question … of course you do. J

 You’re going to want to grab this flash sale coupon code and distribute it to your subscribers, followers, prospects and visitors.

 The flash sale runs for 24 hours starting [date], and the coupon will let your customers snag 50% off the regular price. Past history shows this sale bumps conversion by [percent], so you can expect to see a whole lot of sales!

 And that’s not all…

 Not only do you generate [amount]% commissions on every frontend sale, but you’ll also earn [amount]% commissions on all backend sales [for a specified amount of time].

 This is a great way to amp up your sales, so click here to find out how to distribute the coupon: [link]

 [sign off]

 P.S. Don’t wait, because the 24-hour sale starts [date] and you’ll want to be a part of this special promotion.

Step 6: Notify Customers

If you do all the above steps the right way, then your list is going to fill up with new customers. Now what you need to do is notify these new customers of OTHER items you have for sale, as well as send them information about content you’d like them to consume.  We’ll talk about this in greater length in lesson seven in this course.

Also, check the bonus documents included with this package to get a set of five email templates you can use to reduce buyer’s remorse and increase satisfaction, build a relationship with these new customers, and point them towards more products of yours that they can purchase.

TIP: Keep in mind that this group is very responsive to sales, so be sure to alert them to any discounts or other special offers going on with your other products.

Now let’s wrap things up…

Your Turn

You just received an overview for setting up your C.O.U.P.O.N. Code campaign. Now it’s time to start brainstorming some campaigns. Ask yourself these questions:

  • On which of your products or services would you like to offer a coupon code?
  • What would be the purpose of this campaign? (E.G., Get new customers, reward loyal customers, etc.)
  • What sort of discount or offer would you extend?

Go ahead and start brainstorming the answers to these questions, and I’ll see you in the next lesson as we begin to look at each of these steps in greater detail…


You’ve gotten a taste of what digital coupons can mean to your business. If you’re interested in getting a complimentary copy of the entire course, use the coupon code:


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